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In order to match its machines with useful instruments, FBM manufactures the melting tanks mod. TK, machines devised to melt and keep fluid large quantities of chocolate which will then be used to feed other machines, like tampering or enrobing ones starting from the model MTR 30 up to the big industrial FBM machines.
As a rule in FBM machines, chocolate is molten in the bowl (with capacity kg 100 for TK 100 and kg 500 for TK 500) by bain-marie, so that the qualities of chocolate are safe, without running the risk of burning the product. The inner heating liquid runs in a closed circuit, so that the machine is absolutely independent from any external feeding.
Inside the melting bowl, an inner rotary scraper with many paddles permits the chocolate to remain fluid and even.
The machine is fit for the installation of a pump (a screw or a lobe one) which pushes delicately, but also with power, the chocolate so that it can be conveyed to the machine to be fed.
A range of options (piping with bain-marie heating conveying chocolate, deviation valves and filters) are devised to put the tanks TK inside complex lines.

Technical Data
Voltage: 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases+neutral+ground Power consumption: 3,5 Kw Tank capacity: from 100 to 500 kg (220 to 1100 lbs)

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