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Aura delivers the benefits of FBM's continuous tempering technology to the table-top machines.

The continuous tempering cycle in Aura is controlled by a custom–programmed dedicated CPU that monitors and adjusts heating and cooling automatically within a very narrow range based on the set melting and tempering points. The working bowl is heated by thermoelectric induction and the tempering pipe is cooled directly by the refrigerant gas, delivering fast response times, precise control, and reduced energy consumption.

The auger in the Aura’s tempering pipe reverses automatically to empty it, reducing the amount of time required to restart the tempering cycle or to change chocolate. There is an optional upgrade to the tempering pipe assembly that enables the removal of the tempering screw pump for more complete cleaning of the machine when changing chocolates.

Standard equipped with:
Standard equipped with:
Vibrating table, accessory that allows to work with molds, allows to achieve great quality uniformity of the chocolate inside the mold through vibrations.

Night cycle, a function that allows the machine to operate competitively every day of the week by keeping the chocolate inside the machine at an optimal temperature during non-working hours, this mode has low electricity consumption and optimal efficiency for production of any laboratory.

Electronic dosing device with adjustable repetitions (up to 9), continuous production system that allows for automatically set a dosing time and a pause time for the chocolate to flow out of the machine's spout, it is possible to adjust the number of repetitions and waiting time.

Reversal of screw pump run, internal cleaning function of the auger pump, allows you to avoid the solidification of the chocolate inside the machine, allows to save time when cleaning the machine and also during production.

Automatic switch-off of the machine, automatic process of switching off all machine functions, saves time and allows you to maintain productivity for the next startup.

Technical Data
Pre-crystallization process: continuous tempering Capacity of the bowl: 4 Kg. Installed power: kW 0,75 Chocolate transport system: screw pump Output: from 10 kg/h of tempered chocolate – according to the kind of work Weight: 70 kg

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