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FBM manufactures machines for processing chocolate and biscuits

Machines for any chocolate processing, Bean to Bar courses, and Cookies machines

FBM was born in 1977 with the aim of helping chocolatiers to speed up and automatize their work First manifacturer of continuous tempering machine in Italy, it has always been recognised as solid, reliable and at the forefront reality Tempering, enrobing, hollow moulds and pralines, craft chocolate production, dragees, spreadable creams, decorative dountains; FBM will have the right solution for you.

With one machine you can produce different types of biscuits and different types of doughs, doughs so different that once they required more than one machine. With the same dropping machine and with the same head it is possible to produce biscuits with extremely dry or highly liquid whipped doughs or with wire-cut system. By changing the nozzles or extrusion molds of the biscuit dough, it is possible to obtain extremely small shapes, large ones with a standard diameter of 5 cm or even shapes that fill the entire tray.

Always in 1977, FBM manifactures his first dropping machine for biscuits Over the years, technology is perfected, and it leads to two different models of dropping machines, totally versatile and customizable according to your needs All over the world, the most exigent pastry chefs are relying on the technologiy of our dropping machine to speed up manual and repetitive processes.

Fbm is exclusive Sponsor for chocolate processing machines at the International Chocolate Awards and Eurochocolate