History of FBM Boscolo

History of FBM Boscolo


Founded in April 1977, Fbm manufactures machinery for chocolate and baking applications and has customers all over the world, from artisan bakeries and chocolate shops to craft chocolate makers, to restaurants and hotels as well as industrial companies and large corporations. Fbm is famous in the market for the ability to innovate and to customize. Lead for nearly two decades by Umberto Boscolo, who is assisted by a young team of dynamic professionals, the company’s goal has always been to meet the unique needs of each customer.

Among Fbm’s flagship projects are semi-industrial and industrial plants for customers who found in Fbm a partner to produce custom solutions to automate and improve production. In addition to chocolate tempering machines and support equipment and accessories for the production of all types of chocolate products, Fbm also produces machines for working with a wide varieties of doughs - everything from macarons to sheet cakes. Fbm was the first to introduce a tabletop dropping machine that is now widely imitated.

Fbm’s latest model is a tabletop depositor that combines the benefits of large sized machines with a wire cut system for working with dense doughs. Since 2011, Fbm has hosted a chocolate and pastry school know as Elite Fbm in its headquarters in Legnano (http://goo.gl/maps/y51hi). Ernst Knam, widely known as the "King of Chocolate" presents all the classes which feature hands-on instruction in important techniques and on Fbm equipment.

Fbm sells in Italy, Europe, the United States, and around the world directly, through resellers, dealers and agents. In addition to the company blog and social media presence, which chronicle the daily growth of the company and that have a huge numbers of followers, Fbm actively participates in major international fairs. Fbm designs, manufactures, and sells its products from its headquarters in Legnano (outside of Milan) and offers pre-sales assistance and after-sales technical support and service (via Skype) to customers around the globe.