The SINTESI model is the natural development of the table drop machine. It has in fact all the typical features of the above drop machine with the add of an accessory which makes the SINTESI more complete: the wire cut.
The machine is equipped with a special “brushless” motor for the cylinders of the head for hard dough; this motor is useful to help the dropping of the hard dough.

There is the possibility to mount on the machine two different kind of head which allow to produce a wide range of biscuits:
The cylinders head is suitable to drop dense, medium-dense and whipped type dough, macaroons, petit fours, lady fingers, almond pastries, cream puffs and other dough traditionally dropped by hand, using squeeze sacks. It is also ideal to work with wire cut dough.
The second one, a pump head, allows to drop also liquid dough (for instance, sponge cake, plum cakes and so on).

Moulds of various types and shapes can be mounted on the machine, according to customer requirements, for drop and wire cut working.

A microprocessor with programs controls the mechanical operation system of the machine. Even with the machine in operation, this microprocessor allows the operator to do some changes. Once the work cycle is finished, the machine automatically resets to initial memory if the modification are not set.

The machine comes equipped with a cylinders head, a rotary mould with two set of nozzles, a speed variator for the tray advancement, one for the up-and-down movement of the table, one for the rotation of the cylinders inside the head and one for the turning of the rotary mould.
Tray drive unit with double conveyor belt. Removable feed head for fast, easy cleaning.
Possibility to program the return of the tray after dropping to reduce the rooms.

- nozzles-bearing die
- fixed nozzles die
- plate-bearing die
- slot die for sponge cake
- off-set die
- filler-block for special products

Technical Data
FEATURES: -SPEED VARIATOR FOR THE CYLINDERS INSIDE THE FEEDING HEAD -SPEED VARIATOR FOR THE TABLE MOVEMENT -SPEED VARIATOR FOR THE AUTOMATIC TRAY CONVEYING -SPEED VARIATOR FOR THE TURNING OF THE SPOUTS These parameters are also adjustable while the machine is working Speed:27 strokes per minute with standard tray movement -Output:40-45 kg/hours approx. -Strip drop:strip drop device over the entire pan -Pan:width 400 mm / length from 600 to 900 mm -Dimensions: mm. 910 x 1340 x 1450 h -Weight:180 kg -Voltage: 220/380 V 50 Hz 3 phases + neutral + ground -Installed power:kW 1,3

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