CHOCOLAB is the mini-chocolate lab designed by FBM.

Chocolab is the synthesis of what can be produced with chocolate, and it satisfies the needs of the most experienced chocolatiers.
Chocolab is a worktable, with storage cabinet, that may develop into multiple machines. Thanks to its components, it allows to make all works in clean and simple manner: from moulding to coating, from truffles to hollow moulds, from dripping to filling. In a few moments and with simple gestures you switch from one mode to another, transforming the worktable in machines for production of pralines, chocolates, trouffes, tablets, coatings.

removable turning table (for truffle products)
electronic dosing device with repetitions
moulds loader
enrobing attachment
vibrating table
tipping device for moulds
refrigerated compartment up to 5° C
tempering machine with 12 kg bowl

The heating system for chocolate is made by thermal induction and it guarantees precision and reactivity and at the same time grants low power consumption.
Chocolab provides a 12 kg reserve of tempered chocolate.
The operating time is reduced considerably with the application of the system for automatic unloading of screw pump, completely managed by electronic card.

Technical Data
Dosing: up to 9 consecutive repetitions Enrober: 180 mm wide x 1,30 meter Moulds loader: up to 6 per minute Turning table: tray with a diameter of 350 mm Bowl capacity: 12 kg Productivity: up to 75 kg of tempered chocolate per hour according to the kind of work Storage cabinet: 32 moulds Voltage: 380/220 V 50/60 Hz 3 phases or single phase

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